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The Right Developer for an Historic Project

The City Market ownership is issuing this Development Opportunity Request for Proposals for the development and repositioning of the City Market site to an innovative mixed-use community designed to invigorate the people who live, work, learn and visit. The proposed, fully integrated 3.4 million square foot development vision is of a creative and healthy community, one that includes a college campus, open space, residential, hotel, retail, creative office and parking and adds to the vitality of Los Angeles.

The development scope is based on market demand identified by HRA and KPFF. It includes approximately 945 multiple residential dwelling units, a maximum of 210 hotel rooms, approximately 294,641 square feet of commercial (including medical and general office) and manufacturing uses, approximately 224,862 square feet of retail floor area (including restaurants, bars, event space, wholesale uses and a cinema with approximately 744 seats), and approximately 312,112 square feet of corporate/educational campus floor area. In total, the Project will include up to approximately 1,721,894 square feet of floor area. The Project would include up to 3,700 parking spaces in structured and below grade parking area. Proposed building heights would range from three stories to 38 stories (e.g. a maximum of 435 feet above grade), the exact height of City Hall.

The development program is comprised of 14 development sites located on 4 blocks. The basic development concept provides the fundamental design standards for the individual projects to ensure harmonious integration and a healthy built form, while the approvals sought for the Project site allow for flexibility of uses and phases at the future discretion of the master development team. The Design Concepts, attached, show the different uses and layout on the site. The Unified Submittal shows the equivalency schedule of uses, which allows for the greatest flexibility.

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