Creating a Community

The new City Market embodies its core principles and smart urban planning. Mixing land uses, will provide multifunctional spaces, housing and new job opportunities, creating open and walkable neighborhoods with easy connections to existing and future transportation networks.

Project Highlights:

  • An urban campus for one or more creative arts colleges to energize and bring opportunity and jobs to the community
  • 945 units of new housing and live/work space including student housing
  • 210 room business class hotel
  • 225,000 square feet of retail, assembly, entertainment and restaurant spaces that will invigorate the area after dark
  • 295,000 square feet of creative and professional offices, to bring high-paying creative jobs to the Fashion District
  • Adaptive reuse of existing buildings to create a new center for offices and restaurants
  • Greenways and tree-lined paseos for an enhanced pedestrian experience through the Fashion District

Once built, the project will comprise more than 1.9 million square feet of programmed space. More than half of the project is dedicated to uses that will create thousands of new jobs, with the balance being dedicated to housing.